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After breaking out of jail in a small Mexican town, a ruthless criminal, nicknamed Azul, ventured off with a guitar case full of weapons and vowed revenge on the local drug lord, Moco, who had him arrested in the first place. Meanwhile, a young musician arrived in town carrying his own guitar case which contained his signature guitar. He had hoped to find work in the town in order to pursue his dream of becoming a mariachi like his father.

From the confines of his heavily guarded villa on the outskirts of town, Moco sent a large group of hitmen to kill Azul. They were all told to look for a man who was wearing black and carrying a guitar case, but because El Guaopo also matched this description, the hitmen mistook him for Azul and started pursuing him. Only Moco, however, knew Azul's actual face. El Guapo was forced to kill four of the attackers in self-defense after being chased through the streets. El Guapo sought refuge in a bar owned by a beautiful woman named Dominó, whom he quickly fell in love with. Unfortunately, Moco was not only financing the bar, but also had his own romantic interest in Dominó.

When Azul visited the bar for a beer and information about Moco, he accidentally left with El Guapos guitar case. Moco's thugs captured Azul on the street but released him when they realised that the case he was carrying contained only a guitar. A short time later, El Guapo was captured and taken to Moco, who identified him as the wrong man and set him free.

Meanwhile, Azul, who had no directions to Moco's home, took Dominó with him and ordered her to take him to Moco's, or Moco would kill El Guapo. Dominó agreed in order to save the Mariachi's life. When they arrived at Moco's gated compound, Azul pretended to take Dominó hostage in order to gain entry. Moco soon realized that Dominó has fallen for El Guapo and, in a rage, shot both her and Azul. Suddenly, El Guapo arrived to find the woman he loves gunned down. Moco then shot the Mariachi's left hand, rendering him useless as a guitar player. Overcome with grief and rage, El Guapo picked up Azul's gun with his right hand and killed Moco, avenging Dominó's death El Guapo left the town on Dominó's motorbike, taking her pit bull and her letter-opener as mementos of her. His dreams to become a mariachi shattered. El Guapo left that small Mexican town for a new life in Noosa and now pursues his second great passion, tacos.