conditions of entry

Here at telephone call from, we do not have an open door policy for assholes.


We make simple, nice food cooked with love for simple nice, lovely people. Ever thrown a tantrum because you waited a little too long for a glass of wine? Or maybe threw your dummy out of the pram demanding flat bread that wasn’t available? Then keep moving. There are plenty of venues in Noosa that will be happy to pretend you are the center of the universe. This is not one of them. Here its all about the food. Not the service, not even the setting. It's the plate of food in front of you.


So saying that, if for any reason at all you are not happy with the meal please do come and tell me and I will happily offer a refund. I have no desire to charge for a meal you did not enjoy. Its extremely casual dining. Think of us as a broken down food truck in the heart of Noosa Junction